Only You Know the Best Facebook Strategy for Your Business.

Do you also want to know about Only You Know the Best Facebook Strategy for Your Business? Then you have come to the right place. For those who’ve ever played Facebook games and apps such as Farmville and Candy Crush, have you ever wondered what got you into the game and how you stayed with it? It may not have occurred to you, but those apps and games are products that have used very effective marketing strategies to take off. They used hugely successful viral marketing, which resulted in 100 million followers within a few short weeks. Many business owners may wonder whether Candy Crush’s social media strategy works equally well for all products and businesses and may be tempted to copy the strategy.

For a business owner, the prospect of free, highly effective recommendations from customer to customer is very appealing and desirable. But social marketing research has shown that copying Candy Crush’s social media strategy might be highly ineffective and potentially ruin the copier’s Facebook Strategy marketing efforts.

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Candy Crush Marketing Strategy On Facebook

Candy Crush’s marketing strategy worked thanks to messages from friends that contained incentives to join and start playing themselves. This strategy is still the most effective social sharing mechanism for games and other fun-oriented Facebook Strategy products. At the same time, this strategy is ineffective for marketing useful products such as legal advice, consumer products, or financial services. Those who try to copy Candy Crush’s marketing strategy can reduce their social media success by up to 75 percent. Firms and businesses should rely less on aggressive and personal recommendations and avoid using incentives to try and increase the relevance of their marketing message.

Instead, You should use ideas suggested earlier, such as posting relevant updates that users are likely to respond to, encouraging user interaction, and communicating with users on a personal level. You could also try focusing on user-generated content. Look at big companies’ Facebook pages; you’ll notice many fan photos. You could encourage your followers to upload photos of their favorite outfits if you own a clothing brand or their favorite gadget if you sell electronics. Not only do user-generated pictures encourage interaction between your brand and Facebook Strategy fans, but it also encourages discussion and interaction between fans and customers.

Facebook Marketing Plan

Take command of your area of expertise or industry. If you sell clothes, then establish yourself as the local fashion authority. So you might try posting fun articles on your business page about fashion-related stories (e.g., gossip from Project Runway or the latest celeb fashion stuff-up), contact local journalists and market yourself as the local “fashion boss,” and post any ensuing coverage. On your page. And while discussing fashion, post comments that critique episodes of Project Runway and the like. Encourage your followers to send photos of their favorite clothes or outfit mixes.

Another idea is to support a local cause, particularly one you’re passionate about and has an active fanbase on Facebook Strategy. Every big corporation and business supports a variety of causes – McDonald’s helps sick kids and their families through the Ronald McDonald House, IGA has its Community Trust Fund, and EB Games supports the Make a Wish Foundation. There’s no reason why you can’t adopt the same big-business mentality and not only support a local cause but engage your fans in a clever campaign to raise awareness for the cause and for you.

There are plenty of options small and medium businesses have when it comes to Facebook marketing. Never think that other strategies major companies use are a one-size fits that you can copy and do work for you. Take ideas from others and develop unique ones into your Facebook Strategy marketing plan.

Final Words

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