How to Apply Facebook Basics Effectively

In this article, you’ll learn how to use what you regularly use on Facebook basics to its full potential to market your brand effectively. You already know the basics of sharing information with friends on your profile. The following will teach you how to think about your options for promoting your business.

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Post Status Updates: Let Customers Know What’s Happening

Status updates are essentially the foundation of the ‘real-time-data’ revolution. Although Twitter took status updates mainstream and MySpace used them before both, Facebook basics updates can be significantly more impactful in some situations.

When posting, find the publisher via the Update Status link at the top of your Facebook home page. This will be posted on your profile. Additionally, there is a Publisher on the Wall tab of your Facebook Page, allowing you to publish updates to your Page’s Wall instead.

Remember that when posting, whatever you post as a status update can be seen by the groups you choose to publish to. So, if you’ve chosen the public option to view something you’ve posted, anyone in the entire Facebook community can see it. Then be careful, relevant and entertaining if that’s your aim. If you’re using Facebook basics primarily for business purposes, avoid political or religious debates, rants, strong language, or polarizing statements. If you don’t do this, you may offend a customer or potential customer, which is an unnecessary risk. So, manage your privacy settings and remember you can be ‘hidden’ on a friend’s news feed.

Upload That Pic, Share That Link

Now that Facebook has streamlined its commenting and status update systems by allowing photo/video uploads and link sharing in a single interface, it’s added a new dimension to the types of things you can share. Now, you can comment on something and enhance that comment with other content to make the status update experience more engaging.

When sharing links to other websites within your status update, Facebook pulls a variety of thumbnails from the web page that can be shared along with the connection. This allows you to click on a series of thumbnails and choose the one that works best with your posting. This feature is handy if you share content from another Page you own and Facebook basics picks up your brand image.

There are two options to share photos and videos on Facebook. You can store them on Facebook or link them to libraries or individual photos/videos by sharing links to that content on third-party sites like YouTube, Flickr, and others. For example, when sharing a YouTube link, Facebook basics pulls up the embedded video with the player, and users can play the video directly from their News Feed without leaving Facebook.

Other Facebook Features to Promote Yourself

Facebook features much less used than the above include badges, notes, and apps/games.

Badges are small widgets that can be placed anywhere on the Internet and summarize basic Facebook profile data, usually a photo, first name, last name, and other basic data of your choice. Badges can be created for profiles and fan pages and inform users about your website or your Facebook presence by followersindia.

Notes are Facebook’s simple social blogging feature. You won’t need much since you’ll already have a better blogging platform like Tumblr or WordPress. The best thing you can get from Notes is to share your thoughts like a blog but inside Facebook and even import the RSS feeds of your external blogs through the Notes app.

Facebook applications use the Facebook Social Graph and provide users with some functionality above and beyond the basic Facebook platform. You should use some Facebook apps to understand how other companies use the functionality and present game content to users’ news feeds.


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