How To Get High Engagement On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the A-glass social media platforms to leverage your marketing strategy and win the hearts of your target audience in a short time with social daddy. People love Instagram because it’s more visually appealing than any other social platform, with an overall engagement rate of 4.21%, a figure ten per cent higher than Facebook – the number one ranking social media app. Engagement on Instagram is a combination of likes, comments and shares you get on a post, and new brands often don’t understand how their competitors are getting good engagement while they are stuck with just 10-15 supporters. If you are one of those and wish to learn how to drive better engagement, here’s the perfect guide to help you out.

Post Consistently

Consistency is the key to winning over your audience on Instagram. You must keep your feed fresh by posting relevant content regularly. Statistics show that updating 1-2 posts daily is sufficient for a good engagement rate. Some marketers insist that you must have a fixed time for posting, too, but that is not entirely true. Yes, it would help if you find out when your audience most engages on Instagram through page analytics, but there’s no fixed time to update a post.

Build A Strong Brand

Clarity and creativity are paramount in creating a strong and highly engaging presence on Instagram. Updating haphazard content with an unclear message, ignoring the audience, and constantly pushing them to buy your product will lead you nowhere. Instead, try building a good reputation for your brand, converse with the audience, respond to any comments or messages as soon as possible, publish content that sells itself, and most of all, consider exhibiting your brand’s core values to garner trust and better engagement. Remember, Instagram is a visuals-driven platform that appreciates and rewards aesthetically pleasing content. Having good engagement on your profile means additional followers, too, so if you need help increasing your online presence and Instagram followers, there are platforms you can use, like Social Daddy.

Choose The Right Hashtags

You might have noticed brands and people updating posts with specific keywords marked with a hashtag. Hashtags are an essential feature in this social media app and a tool through which your target audience gets to you. Rather than using just generic hashtags with millions of posts, use a combination of trending and industry-specific keywords to connect with your target audience. For the most optimal results, you need to research each hashtag thoroughly and find which matches your post’s content.

Branded Hashtag Is A Must

A branded hashtag is yet another key to winning over people on Instagram. It should be short, simple, easy to remember, and, most of all, include your brand’s name. It helps make your content more discoverable, drives traffic to your profile, and builds a stronger community around your brand. Remember to add this branded hashtag in your bio so people can easily find you. You can also launch branded hashtags on specific campaigns that are quirky and keep the audience engaged for short periods.

Add CTAs Everywhere 

CTAs or Call To Action are essential to let your audience know what all there is to your brand. Use the official Instagram CTA buttons to snare the audience’s attention. CTAs can be added to regular posts, as a link in your story, to video content and to Instagram ads. Adding them to your bio generates even more engagement to the page and, side by side, gets more traffic to your website or landing page.

Make Every Feature Count

Instagram provides a host of features for users, and to drive engagement, you must try to make the most of these. Experiment with AR filters, publish videos, stories, and GIFs and try out the different video ad formats. Using emojis effectively in your posts can also help you get a high engagement rate. Try to include the audience directly into a conversation to benefit from user-generated content wherever possible.

Host A Contest Or Poll

Instagrammers love some thrill and competition, and the best approach to follow here is conducting surveys, polls or giveaway contests. Recent survey stats show that contests drive 3.5 times more likes and 64 times more comments than regular posts. Although contests provide an excellent tool for engagement, you still need to plan it well. The things to include are deciding on the winner’s selection process, announcing the contests and later the winner on all other social media channels and even your website, and making sure to thank all participants. Still can’t get enough engagement on your contest? SocialDaddy can help you learn how to drive more people to your page and engage and attract the right audience.


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