Proper Netiquette: A Way of Getting Facebook Likes

If you want to know about proper netiquette: a way to get Facebook likes, then you have come to the right place. You will get to see the correct information here, from which you can benefit more. There are certain things you should do on your Internet, and certain things you shouldn’t do. By doing this you can also succeed in making your Facebook page popular, after which you will get more benefits from it.

For some people, getting Facebook likes is a big deal. Whether it’s to impress their friends or attract more customers, people will literally do anything to gain the approval and admiration of their fellow users. Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding proper Facebook etiquette and start making your way towards getting Facebook likes.

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Proper Netiquette: One way to get Facebook likes is detailed below:


Be such a drama queen

When your grandparents died or your dog was hit by a car, people felt sympathy, but not if you post something about how devastated you were when you accidentally cut your nails. , so trust me, they don’t want to know.

Share too much information

Too much information means sharing something that should not be allowed to reach even the eyes and ears of innocent people. Don’t post a status saying you’re currently peeing in the bathroom or post a picture of you and your friends drinking. Save Facebook Nation from all the details.

Like or comment on your post first

Commenting on your posts in the first place is the equivalent of talking to yourself. This is absolutely madness. Additionally, liking our own posts will appear as if you are praising yourself.

Broadcast every single thing you do

Your friends want to know updates related to your life. However, posting a status that you just woke up and then five minutes later telling everyone that you’re in the shower is just overdoing it.

Tag people in photos that don’t concern them

There’s nothing more annoying than people being tagged in photos where they’re nowhere near the photo or something they can’t relate to.


Post something awesome

Post something hilarious, cute and inspiring or anything worthy.

Think before you post

Before you press enter, think about how it will sound to others and how they will react. Never post anything objectionable.

Message private matters instead of posting them on people’s walls

If it’s something that should be kept between friends, send a message on Facebook instead of announcing it on people’s walls for everyone to see.

Facebook has the power to make or break relationships. Following these guidelines will not only help you make a good and lasting impression, but it will also help you build the reputation you need to get more likes and become everyone’s best friend.


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