The Pros Of Instagram?

With social media increasing across all demographics, using social media for marketing has become an effective method for businesses. As consumer preferences change it is challenging to stay on top of the best platforms to use for your industry–and even more difficult to coordinate various strategies for each.

This means that, like many other marketers, you doubt whether you should use Instagram. However, with more than 800 million members, Instagram could certainly be worth your time.

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If you’re still undecided about investing time and energy in the site, you aren’t alone.

1. It’s Visual

As a photo-sharing platform, it could seem as if we’re saying the obvious here. However, unlike the other platforms for social media that focus on text and links, Instagram is exclusively used for photo and video posts.

Visual content is more engaging than text, which could be a massive chance for marketers. Instead of trying to drive users to your site to buy something or explain the benefits of working with you, you can employ photos to make an appealing message.

Pictures allow your business to highlight its products, and videos are an excellent way to show your services in action. Beyond that, it is also possible to use the platform to showcase the company, its culture, and other aspects behind the scenes of your business.

2. It Has High Engagement Rates

In 2016, Instagram users liked more than 4.2 billion posts per day. Posts that contain at least one hashtag have 12.6 percent more views than posts that don’t have any hashtags. This alone is enough reason for many marketers to utilize the platform.

With Facebook’s organic reach falling by as much as 2%, it’s not a surprise that marketers are dissatisfied with the low engagement rate. But when you post something on Instagram, your followers will likely see it. This is a huge advantage, especially when you consider that many businesses now use paid-for advertising options on Facebook just to get their posts seen by their followers.

3. Your Business Might Already Be Present

Whether you’re on Instagram, whether you are or not, a few of your customers are likely to be. This means that someone might have already shared a post about your business.

This is especially the case if you have an actual location where customers frequent, such as an eatery or retail store. The users can add the location tag to each of their posts therefore, if anyone has ever posted a photograph while at your establishment, it likely has tags on Instagram.

Customers can also share photos of your merchandise and tag them with your brand name. This is particularly relevant for stores that sell clothing, housewares, and other consumer-based products.

Even if you aren’t considering using Instagram for your business, we suggest you start a personal account to monitor posts that include your label or location as hashtags. This is the best way to stay on top of customers’ content about your business.

If you choose to create a branded account to market your products, you could use it to help encourage this kind of behaviour. When customers engage with your business on the website, their fans will perceive it as an endorsement. It’s the current version of word-of-mouth advertising.

4. It’s Great To Build Your Brand

Contrary to most social media platforms, however, Instagram doesn’t bring traffic to your site with every post you make on Instagram. You can’t even include links within your posts. The only link you’re allowed to include is in your bio.

This could be a drawback, and if you were hoping to generate revenue directly from Instagram, it is.

But it also means that users are more inclined to follow and interact with your business because they know you’re not trying to sell them something directly. Instead, you could use the platform to develop your brand.

Share user-generated content, highlight the culture of your business and upload photos that show your values and goals. By creating a human face for your brand and demonstrating how authentic you are, this kind of content can build the trust that builds long-term customer relationships.

5. It Has Targeted Advertising Options

Much like Instagram, and similar to Instagram provides paid-for advertising options for businesses. Although you’ll be able to have an efficient account without spending a dime, advertising options can be a powerful method of growing your Instagram account.

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